Friday, May 11, 2012

"Official" Climb Start? & Checking In...

This week on the Emigration Canyon climb a funny story occurred to a new riding friend.  I had caught up with her about ½ through the canyon after making sure all of the riders of into the canyon, and she told me this story…

 About 2 miles into climbing the canyon this guy pulls up along side her on a bike and asked her where the climb starts.  She says that it depends on where you start from but she tells him she’s been climbing since she left Sugarhouse Park where the BCC ride started.  No, he says where does the “official” climb begin?  She said he was saying it with a totally straight face when I asked if he was pulling her leg. She said he was totally serious and he didn’t seem happy with her answers.  We kind of laughed about it as we climbed the rest of the canyon.
"Petals on Petals"; Watercolor on 10" x 10" Paper that I painted this last week. 
You can see more of my bike artwork click here.

 At the top of the canyon, she pointed out which guy it was.  I guess he was running a bit late to join us to start from Sugarhouse and he was visiting from back east; at least that was what I overheard as he talked to another club member at the top where the riders regroup before going down.

It was about ½ mile down as we were heading out of the canyon that I pulled up next to her and while coasting along I said,” Excuse me but where does the “official” downhill start?  Are we there yet?”  We were laughing most of the way down the canyon.

It was later after the ride as a group of us were talking with this guy us, that I found out he was visiting for a library convention for the week.  The first day he arrived with his nice bike in tow, he had climbed Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons.  Those 2 canyons, one of which has been compared similar to a section Tour de France’s climbing, are serious climbs.  AND he did both in of those in one day!?!!  After a day like that of climbing, Emigration Canyon probably seems like a hiccup.  No wonder he was wondering when the “official” climb was starting!

But now the joke between my friend and myself is… where’s the official climb start.  She says that some mornings that just getting out of bed!

Checking in…
Good news, I am down another pound!  Yahoo!  I FEEELLLL GOOOD!  I now have 7 lbs. to go till my goal weight, and I’m feeling pretty good as I'm sure you've gathered.  I did do a great deal of activities for the week and here are my stats for the week…

105 miles cycling
5.10 miles running
36 minutes on the elliptical
And 1 class of Jump board Pilates!

 Yep, I’m back to the pilates and boy am I feeling it in the abs this afternoon!  Thank you Laura!  The fabulous pilates teacher that teaches the Jump Board Pilates Class early on Friday mornings.  The pilates place had a summer special and I thought it might help to get a more full body workout to help me along.  So I bought a group special of 10 and that should take me into July just before I leave for RAGBRAI.

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