Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DAY 13- Music Festival & Birthday BBQ Parties...

I may be adjusting too much to the Island life.  I was still in my pj’s until about noon today.  I finally got my act together and got shower/changed.  Then, I was off to run a couple errands for misc. camping supplies.  I mainly went for water and batteries.  You can never have enough of those items when you are camping.  I have reservations for a KOA just outside Port Angeles, WA for the following night.
Photo: Plenty of things going on at the Oak Harbor Jazz and Music Festival.

Then, after the errands I ran by the Oak Harbor Jazz & Musical Festival.  There were quite a few people done there and amazingly, I wasn’t the only character there!  The Festival had been running all Labor Day weekend and I finally managed to get there.  There were two stages and live music at both of the stages.  They had Pioneer Street closed off which is like the Old Towne area of Oak Harbor. 
Photo- See I wasn't the only character1 Unqiue clothes for the unique person --a booth at the festival.

There seemed to be plenty of areas for parking.  I grabbed a spot nearby and walked into the free festival.  There were tons of food booths with any type of food you could ever want and plenty of booths for shopping too.  Most of the stores along the street were also opened.  When I was there, they had a jazz band playing on one stage at one end of the street and the other end of the street had an old time rock-n-roll band playing.  People were sitting on haystacks that they had for seating.  It was rather fun.
Photo- People listening to live music as they sat on haystacks.

Later on, I had been invited by my hosts to attend a birthday BBQ party.  The husband of the host for the BBQ was turning 60.  It was a very fun group and he took all of the guests on a little tour of the nearby wetlands.  It was amazing and fun to because you kind of felt like you were walking through a wetland maze.

Next, the tour of their cute house that faced on to Admiral’s Cove Lake next to the wetlands on Whigby Island. Then, it was the opening of the presents.  It was a fun night and I got to meet some very fun and welcoming local people.

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