Monday, September 17, 2012

DAY 26 & 27- Hanging with Aunt Lindy & Cousin Kimmie…

DAY 26- A Day Off with Aunt Lindy…
It had been awhile since I had taken a day off from my adventure and I needed to get something’s done.  Laundry needed to be done and some shopping.  So thus, I hung out with my Aunt Lindy the whole day.  We went shopping at the local Wal-Mart and then she took me for a drive around Klamath Falls showing me some of the sights and pointing out a black topped path where people walk, run, and bike.  Then, we hung out and were homebodies together at her house.  It was a nice day.

DAY 27- Lake of the Woods, Fish Lake, & Cousin Kimmie…
Photos- Of Cousin Kimmie's CUTE House....
Aunt Lindy and I drove up to Cousin Kimmie’s house to spend the day doing a bit of sightseeing and visiting.  Kimmie's house is located about a 25 minute drive  outside of Klamath Falls.  Her cute log cabin like home is located in a community called Rocky Point.  Kimmie had her house all decorated for the Fall and it’s just adorable.  I gave Kimmie a belated birthday present of one of my watercolor paintings.  After I took a few photos of her cute house and we loaded up the truck off we went.
Photo- A happily married couple cardboard(?), Kimmie, Lindy & me.

We went for a late lunch/early dinner at the restaurant at Lake of the Woods. It’s a very scenic lake and resort area and they serve wonderful food too.  After eating we went walking around the resort area.  They had a wonderful gazebo, beach, swimming area, general store, and a small marina.  There were a lot of people enjoying the area doing all kinds of things like; swimming, sailing, boating, skiing, fishing and camping.  The resort has almost 20 cabins that can be rented out and RV sites with hook-ups that are available too.  We posed and took pictures around the resort; just generally being a bit silly.  It was fun.
Photo- Aunt Lindy ringing the bell.
Photo- The scenic --Lake of the Woods
Photo- Me on the beach with the Lake of the Woods and Mt McLoughlin in the background. 
Photo- Kayakers on the Lake of the Woods.
Photo- All kind of recreating going on at the Lake of the Woods.

Next, we drove around the Lake of the Woods, and got to see some of the summer homes that are built on the other side of the lake.  Some were huge and four stories tall and a few were smaller; and the views they had of the lake were wonderful.
Photo- The quiet beauty of Fish Lake.
Photo- Myself and Kimmie at Fish Lake with Brown Mountain in the background.

Then, we drove over to another scenic lake called Fish Lake.  It was a smaller lake with a great deal of camping sites but no resort area.  It was beautiful and quiet; just a nice relaxing place to hang and Grant (Kimmie’s fiancé) said that he loved to come here to fish because it was nice and quiet.  I could understand that and I watched some ducks dipping in to eat and splashing around. 

Photo- Ducks eating and splashing at Fish Lake.
We went back to Kimmie’s house.  We sat around enjoying her large lawn and visiting.  It was a wonderful way to finish the day.  Thank you Kimmie and Lindy!

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