Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools, huh?

April 1st? I could not help but think that I was a fool wishing for Spring to come as I watched the snow come flurrying down from the gray laden skies. Spring? Where ever are you? Come out and play, pleeasssseee! Did you just tease us last week when the weather was so beautiful to go and hide away for a short break? Did Mr. Winter huff and puff and blow you out so he could get one final spot of skiing up in the mountains? Gee, maybe I would understand if I really got into the sport. Maybe.

April 1st? Where did the idea of April Fool's Day come from? Was it a lack of something else going on on the calendar? Hey Vern, come up with something will ya? Or was it Yankee Doodles sideline gig? I know I could jump on to Wikipedia and have an answer but sometimes those answers JUST are not as much fun as coming up with your own. Hey anyone have some interesting ideas about how this day derived? I would be interested in hearing about it.

April 1st? So this is a first that I've never had an April Fool's Joke planned by me (or helped out) or carried out on me. But it could be that I'm still trying to recover from the worst cold that I've had in a couple of years too. I've been living in my bed for 4 days straight. Today was but a peek out when I managed to get to work for part of a day. I felt a little like the groundhog peeking out his head to see his shadow. Only I'm a couple of months late. Oooopppss! (And they say timing is everything, hmmm?)

But this year's April Fool's was rather a let down. In years past I've lead a bike ride called" Come As Your Own Fool or the Mad Hatter's Tea Party" where I came as the Mad Hatter. In years past when I was married, we were always playing tricks on each other, or friends, or neighbors. I remember putting duck tape boxes around cars, filling cars with popcorn(that was messy and it was tough getting enough popcorn), replacing children's chairs in place of office furniture in a friend's boss' office, or creating quick little emergencies where someone happened to be caught outside the house with only their underwear on. It was all part of the fun, and now it was just a normal day. Just another day of the week. Gee is this a sign that I'm getting old, unimaginative, and unadventurous? Am I like that piece of bread that got stale? Gee, I hope not! It also got a little moldy too!

So did anyone have some good April Fool's Jokes played on them today? I guess you could say that I'm looking to live for a bit vicariously through someone else for this April Fool's Day. So come on, share with me what you had played on you, or maybe if you're not too bashful what someone played on you?

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