Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Popette Turns 76!!!!

Gifts, Dinner, & Ham Bingo!!

Hey, how else would a 76yr old celebrate her birthday?

(Above photo: 1st row--Jean VanD, The Popette, Jeanne (Not-So-Good),
2nd row-- Me, Laura, and Maureen.)

For 76 yrs old, Mary's still a feisty character, and certainly has her ways. She managed to get Jean VanD's and my muffins, while we were finishing a lovely meal filled with good food, bantering, and exaggeration at Mimi's Cafe. Em had read on the Internet that general noisiness quieted down at 20 min. after the hour. Well, we tried testing that theory, but DARN IT we were having too much fun laughing and talking to notice if there ever was a difference. I tend to wonder if other diners may have found us too noisy in general, but they didn't throw us out. So I guess we were okay.

We started with opening presents. I think that Mary's point of view is that the anticipation could kill her. Well, we easily gave in with concerns about her health. Let me tell you the presents. This gal made out like a bandit! Swirling scented night lights, body lotions, photo albums, classic miniature poetry books, and a paddle board with bouncing ball (For those moments when she finds herself regressing.)

(Above photo: Jean VanD with Mary[the Popette] getting a little roudy at the Ham Bingo.)

(Photo: See Jean VanD's and Mary's concentration during Bingo!)

From the restaurant we then went to St. Joe's for Ham Bingo. Laura, and Maureen joined in with the group at this point. Well, and we ALL played at Bingo. Some were concentrating harder than others. Some of the games were played for "points" and others were for an Easter Ham.
(Photo below: Some more concentrating on the intense game--Jean VanD, the Popette, and Not-So-Good.)

Jean VanD was the lucky one among us. She won a jackpot Bingo of 50 "points"!! The lucky gal! The Popette tried to claim her part of the prize since she was the birthday girl, but Jean VanD wouldn't share her winnings. It was a wonderful night for the Popette's Birthday celebration, and thanks to everyone to make it a special event. The Popette--alias Mother Patrick--alias Mary; had a wonderfully good time!

(Photo below: Jean VanD showing off her winning "points"!)

P.S. Here's the story behind the nickname--- How Mary received the name of the Popette. For her 74th birthday party, Laura made her a Pope's miter which you see her in here (photo below). As you can see it also says Mother Patrick on it, another alias. We were teasing her about being the first female in line for the position of Pope; after of course, quite a few good men. But someone started calling her the Popette, and it's just kind of stuck since.

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