Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zoom! Zoom!

Coffee on Monday-- SO much easier!

Oh, how I had missed my cup of joe during the Lenten season! (I'm pretty sure that ALL of you have figured that I LOVE my coffee!) Yesterday was SO much easier and more manageable. Mondays always seem to be the busiest day of the week for me at work; especially the phones in the morning. Yesterday was no exception but it's always amazing what a few cups of joe can do to speed the day along--Zoom! Zoom!

I managed to get up at 5AM and catch a 11 mile bike ride before work. Then, I had enough energy to do a 30 mile bike ride after work. BOY, did I ever sleep well last night!! Now the question is: was it because I had the energy to the ride because of the coffee? -- or was it because I was "zooming" because of the coffee all day long that I was able to do the rides?

Aw, such circuitous thinking kind of like... did the chicken or the egg come first? Rather reminds me of a philosophy class that I took in college. I never figured out how I ended up with a "C" in the class. I thought I was as good at "B.S.-ing" as any of the other students but maybe I wasn't brown-nosing the nimrod professor as much as I should have. Who knows? But that's a whole tangent of thought, hmmm?

It was interesting because my co-workers, a majority of whom are LDS, did not understand why I just didn't give up coffee all together. One can't stand the smell of coffee. It makes her nauseous. She currently has a cold and allergies; so right now she can't smell anything. Thus, I'm lucky so far not to hear her complaints. Another co-worker said to me," Come on you gave it up for 40 days. Why don't you just give it up for good?" I just had to laugh.

Let me explain. I'm a definite minority at my work. The lone Catholic. Not that that is a bad thing, and most the part I've been accepted. In fact, quite often I get asked as to what my view in discussions concerning religion and politics. But my place of work purchased a coffee maker for me. I will go out on a regular basis to pick up coffee and turn in the receipts to be reimbursed. Before me, there was no coffee maker which is mind boggling for me.

So, I asked the co-worker what their favorite beverage was. "Diet Coke", they answered. I asked them to imagine giving up Diet Coke for 40 days, and then because they had managed 40 days to give it up for good. I think they understood a little more, maybe? Then came the argument that coffee isn't good for you. Which I countered, neither is Diet Coke, really. I also stated that unlike Diet Coke, at least coffee had some antioxidants. Besides which my Catholic faith doesn't have anything that asks me to not consume coffee. I told them that to sacrifice something I love and enjoy is to show my love and faith to God.
I hope I explained myself well, and I apologise if this is a little too religious for you who are reading this. I do not believe that it is my "job" to preach religion to others. It's each person's choice as to what they want to believe or not to believe as may be the case. It's a free world out there, and God gave us free will. All I can do is show my respect for others and accept them for who they are. I choose to accept the individual human. What they believe, or not believe, is secondary and not my place to judge. So there, I think that's enough said.

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