Saturday, April 11, 2009


This Catholic Survived!!

Hello and Happy Easter to everyone!
Well, I survived the Catholic Lenten Season with only a few minor bumps and abrasions!! I had a couple of minor relapses with the chocolate, and a few incidents of partaking some caffeinated items. It always amazes me how many items have caffeine in them that you wouldn't think would have caffeine in them. Protein bars, and even herbal teas that had added caffeine to them.

BUT coffee was the hardest feat of all. In fact, I had a couple of grocery store runs that turned into 15 min. inhalation sessions down the coffee aisle. And yes, I will admit that I did inhale, unlike a former President. Actually, I was rather surprised that I wasn't asked to leave the grocery store because I was getting some nervous looks from the clerks. Last night after the Easter Vigil Mass, I rushed over to the parish hall to partake of coffee and chocolate. Yes! It was time to enjoy the taste and pleasure of coffee and chocolate cake at the reception of the newbies into the church. But I'm sure that I was probably considered rude because I barely really noticed the newbies. I'm not sure how I wasn't zooming around my apartment last night when I came home at midnight after 1 piece of chocolate cake and three cups of coffee. Yes, three cups!

One of the most wonderful times of year; Easter. There's something about Spring, Easter egg hunts, and wearing a new outfit to Mass on a beautiful Sunday morning. The combination holds so many good memories for me. This year will be full of new memories for me. Only these memories will be of "last times". Last night's Easter Vigil service will be a last Easter Vigil Service in the old church; as well the last time that I will be the church choir director. They will be tearing down the church sometime this summer to build a new one, and after a little over four years of leading the church choir I am stepping down. I figured it was a good time to do this, but it's with a bit of sadness that I do find myself doing it. But I'm leaving the choir in the capable hands of Not-So-Good.

Last night, the Easter Vigil Service was beautiful. For those of you out there that are not familiar with the Catholic church. The Easter Vigil Service is a Mass that has all of what's good in a Catholic Mass. If you were ever to just choose one Mass a year to go to in a year, it would be the Easter Vigil Service. The Mass has Baptisms, First Communion, Confirmations, and often, the most beautiful music that you'll ever hear in a church. My favorite part is the
Mass of Light Service. The church lights are turned off, and you are consumed into total and engulfing blackness which is to signify the world without Christ. Then a small fire is started from which a large candle is lighted. The priest, then holds up the candle and sings that this candle is the light of Christ. Then he moves half way up the aisle of the church and sings it again. Upon this time, other candles are started to be lite from the one candle. This is to symbolize the spreading of the word. Then as this is done the priest heads to the front of the church where all of the candles are lite and the lights are turned on after he sings it again. I think that it's beautiful to see the church and every one's faces in the candle light. It's also the pure concept that it all starts from one candle that I found so wonderful.

Last night, my wonderful choir out did themselves, and did so beautifully that I found my heart swelling with pride and happiness. I was getting goosebumps during the duets and the solos. I couldn't help but smile as you preformed. Thank you to all of you for making my last night as the choir director so amazing, and thank you for making it a wonderful run as the choir director. It was a pleasure to sing with you all, and I will miss you.

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