Monday, May 10, 2010

Loose Change for Loose Women... A Birthday Celebration?

Mother's Day was my friend Laura's Birthday, and she came up with a wild idea to celebrate her birthday.  No average birthday party for this gal!  Two years ago she had a "Pot Party" at a local nursery where we all got to buy a piece of pottery.  Then we picked and chose what to put in our "pot".  This year Laura called us all up and stated that it was a "Loose Change for Loose Women" Party that would take place at Barnes & Nobles.  She certainly makes life interesting! (This is the same woman that took me--who's afraid of heights-- for my birthday 2 years ago to an Indoor Sky Diving Experience.) 

WHAT?!?!?!!  After my jaw finally was retrieved from the floor, the first image that went through my mind was all of us, women, showing up at Barnes & Nobles with our bras full of change.  I could just hear us jingling!  The second thought was that surely we would be banned for life from THAT Barnes & Nobles!  But thank goodness that was not what Laura had in mind.  What this themed party entailed was all of us gals was saving change left over from purchases for the week prior, or finding loose change around the house or car.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES were we to empty out any piggy banks.  This was to be change that we discovered at home in those sofa cushions, or under the seats in the car, or that we acquired from purchases for the week prior.  Well, it was a good excuse to do a little spring cleaning in the house.  I cleaned and straightened my car.  I managed to accumulate about $3.34 over the weeks time.

So we are rather causing a bit of a scene as we empty out our baggies, socks, and jars of change on to the table at Barnes & Noble.  We put all of our change into a big pile.  Then we sorted and counted.  Then it was how and what to do with the change.  We figured out about $5 per person in the end.  Thanks in big part to our friend Jim, the donut man; who had given 51 coins to Laura for her birthday.  He also lent us the use of a jar that counted money as you put it in.

So we took shifts up with our part of the money and placed our order with the guy that was at the Starbucks counter in the Barnes & Noble.  He was so nice about the whole counting change.  We ended up tipping him in change before we left.  We all managed to place drink orders and with the benefit of Laura's Barnes & Nobles Membership Card we were able to save enough to also order some food too.  We ended up with a yummy lemon raspberry bar, a large sour dough soft pretzel, and a Reeses' peanut butter chocolate chunk cookie that we all shared.  Delicious!  We were quite the noisey group as we chatted and enjoyed the fest.  Here's myself and the birthday girl below...(She's talking with her hands again!  Such the Italian!)

Emmey also brought a little present for Laura which here she is using....

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