Saturday, May 8, 2010

One of My Favorite Places to Run/Walk...

A park called Liberty in Salt Lake City is one of my favorite places to walk-run-bike.  It's about 2 miles from my third floor walk-up. It's not more than a few blocks from home as I'm heading towards the park that I find myself along tree line streets that contain a hodge-podge of bungalow houses, gingerbread cottages, ranch houses and combinations of what I don't know.  Among all this variety I find porches shrouded in vines where porch swings lightly sway as the occupants eat dinner, people watch, or strum a guitar.  Meanwhile, I walk by a variety of plants -- tulips, wisteria, lilac, rose bushes, flowering trees, evergreens, and the common variety of oaks, and elm trees that seem native to the Salt Lake City areas. 

I love the scenery as well as the people watching that I can do all along the way.  A family of five are out for a walk; the youngest member a boy costumed out from head to toe in spider man gear holding on shyly to Mom's hand as his older brother and sister race on ahead.  The gentleman strumming on a guitar trying to get the rift just so.  The older couple that are having an early dinner on their porch with their TV trays standing in front of a wooden bench where they are sitting together.  A mom overseeing her young son riding his bike with training wheels.  Various people mowing the lawn, trimming hedges and bushes.  People walking their dogs.  One guy having his dog pull him on his skate board.  The dog looks like he's having a blast as the guy yells," Mush!"  A father and a very young daughter feeding swans in the park.  Families having BBQ and picnics.  Young teens playing volley ball in the sand pits.  All this adds up to my favorite path for a run/walk.  These are all pictures that I took while on a walk Friday night after work.

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