Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strange Dreams Again!

I'm blaming it on the Cajun pasta I had for dinner last night... Or maybe I should blame it on what I saw at the opera last night?  Hmmmm, it is curious.  But here's the strange and ever ridiculous dream that I had last night...

So I'm on a large 70-3 triathlon but a girl friend and I get lost half way in the 13.1 mile run.  We end up in what's like a ghost town in the desert.  But there's a bright shiny red phone booth at the end of a row of abandoned wooden buildings.  Of course, neither one of has a map with us.  We figured we would follow along with the rest of the group on the triathlon.  Well, THAT did work!  DUH!?  There's no one in sight.  They (the other competitors) left us quite literally in the dust; in a barren desert ghost town.   

The sun is beating down on us as we are standing and looking around.  There's nothing but sage brush and sand for miles around.  I feel like I'm boiling just standing there; and the thought of running has gone out the window.  "Should we see if the phone works?", I say to my friend.  She shrugs and we go to the booth.  I open the door and it's air conditioned!  WOW!

We both squeeze into the booth, and I pick up the phone.  There's conversations all ready going on.  It's like a party line, a few woman are gossipping about a neighbor.  I speak and excuse the interruption.  I tell them that a friend and I are lost during a triathlon race and are in what appears is a ghost town with this bright red shiny phone booth.  They knew right where we were.  One gal says that someone is on their way.

Within a few minutes a beat up green Chevy pickup pulls up next to the booth.  A skinny tall guy with a big straw hat climbs out and says," You ladies looking for a lift?"  The hat is so big all you can see is his mouth that has a toothpick hanging out and a square jaw line.  "Sure", we timidly say.  We climb in and keep close to the door on the other side of the truck.

Next thing I know we are outside an old farm house, and the truck door is being held by an evil Aunt Bee.  "Wells!  You all juss' come on in and make ya self at home."  We enter the old farm house and both start to sit on the old rose colored sofa.  "Now why don one a ya help me in the kitchen!," as she grabs my arm.  "We'll put somethin' to drink.  Yous got to be thristee."

It's a huge warm yellow kitchen with cute matching gingham curtains.  "I'll make ya some of my MAR-Ga-Ritas!"  The evil Aunt Bee sneers (maybe it's a smile)," They are FAM-ous in thess here parts!"  She grabs glasses and fills them with ice.  Then comes what looks like small pellets of salt that she mixes with the ice.  Then out of the freezer she grabs a bottle of peppermint schnapps.  OMG!  I think my stomack just turned over!  She pours it over the ice/salt mix and then grabs some sliced lemon and garnishes the side of the glasses.  She hands me two of the glasses and we head out to the front room.  I hand one to my friend, and I cough to cover the laugh as my friend's face first puckers then grimaces.

AND then I wake up!  Talk about leaving you hanging! Darn!

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  1. hahaha what a dream! I usually have those sort of dreams just before waking up or between hitting the snooze button and the alarm going off again