Monday, February 14, 2011

5th Annual Black Widows Valentine's Day Dinner...

The Widow's-- Laura, Madame Mary, Mrs. Goodbar, and Mrs. Vader.
Happy Valentine's Day!  This used to be the one commercial holiday that I used to hate.  But each year with the Black Widows Valentine's Dinner Party; it seems that this holiday gets better and better every year.  For those of you who wonder about this whole event, let me explain it in a small nutshell.  It's an annual Valentine's dinner party in which some of myself and some single girlfriends get together, dress up like widows, and make up stories & obits about pretend deceased husbands.What FUN we had this last Saturday night. It always amazes me what all of the gals come up with for this night.

Here’s Laura explaining a Ferris Wheel accident in which her deceased husband Sky went disappearing off into the great blue yonder sky.

Madame Mary showing us ballet position #1 while talking about her talented former hubby.

Next, was Madame Mary trying to recruit some ladies into her household. She explained how her late hubby who was a very talented Giant Short Faced Kangaroo perished doing the loop de loops through hoops while on fire at a circus entertainment.
Mrs. GOODBAR talked of her SNICKERS.
Then, the Ever Humble Mrs. GOODBAR told her story of her NUTRAGEOUS-ly funny Hubby with the first name SNICKERS who inherited 100 GRAND from BABE RUTH and disappeared to HERSHEY Pennsylvania for another woman’s HUG & Kisses. She wished him dead!
Mrs. Darth Vader telling her saga.

Mrs. Em Vader talked about her former hubby Darth and showed us with a whirling flash light his story. She quite often would break into that deep husky voice. But she has switched over because she revealed to us that now she’s dating Yoda. This really shocked quite a few of this.

Mrs. Vader wearing the photo badge of her new boyfriend.  SHOCKING!

Mrs. Mad Hatter at front left.
Then, there was myself, Mrs. Mad Hatter who was out for a short evening pass from the Prison of “It’s a Small, Small World” situated in Disneyland. I had been quickly accused by the Red Queen of murdering the Mad Hatter and “THEE” Alice; but no one would believe me that when I told them that it had been the Jabberwocky. The Cheshire Cat had conspired with the Red Queen and I was given the choice of “Off with my head” or “Off with me”….and thus, I’m going MAD while serving time in “It’s a Small, Small World” Prison.

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