Friday, February 4, 2011

Weighing In & Questions....

Me being silly during this last Sunday's snow hike.
Bad news!  I got on the scale this morning and discovered I'm up 2 lbs. WHAT!?!  I'm not sure why...a whole lot of questions come to mind---

Could it be the one night I took off from the gym to go see about art supplies for my watercolor painting class?  Or could it be the mile swim instead of the 4 mile run on Saturday morning?  But I went for a bike ride later in the day?  Is there too much salt in my diet that I'm retaining water?  Or is it that my body is forming more muscle and we all know that muscle weighs more than fat?  AND this could go on forever and ever and ever...

BUT a look on the positive...
Overall, I'm still down 7 lbs.  I've managed to get rid of most of that upper inner thigh flab.  My stomach is starting to look flatter.  My waistline is starting to work its way in, and I can now run .75 mile before the sweat starts trying to blind me.  I've been having fun doing the "Stevie Wonder" on the elliptical when no one else is in the gym room.  Did I mention that a guy's been showing up and I haven't been able to do the "Stevie Wonder" as much as I would like to?  Ooooo, could that be possibly why I gained?  I'm not burning as many calories per minute on the elliptical because I haven't been doing the "Stevie Wonder"? Hmmmm...oh honey, if it was only that easy! 

But maybe I need to mix things up a little or is my body readjusting and clenching on to some of those fat cells a little harder than I thought it would.  But I'll hang in there and work through it as much as I can.  And it looks as though I'm going to be swimming one more time in my old baggy swimsuit... So if you hear about the Bag Lady at the pool-- It's me!

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