Monday, February 28, 2011

A Snowshoe & Me Wearing Pink...

Myself and Diane with the beautiful view of Millcreek Canyon.
Yes, here I am in PINK; believe it or not!  I will admit that I'm not a "pink" type of gal.  In fact, I often go out of my way NOT to wear the color.  I just in general see the color pink as a "prissy girlie" type of color; which is not something that I classify myself as. 
Ollie, the "Super Dog"!  He's such a cutie!
Recently, I received a vest from my bicycle club as a "thank you" for assisting my friend Diane in the position of volunteer coordinator for the Little Red Riding Hood Bike Ride.  Would you know it!  It's a dusty pink! Diane picked it up for me.  She texted me right away and warned me that I got a pink vest. She was so sure that I would be donating it or trying to sell it on eBay.  But I decided to tolerate the color because it was such a nice vest and it did after all come free.  And thus, I took the vest for a trial run during a snowshoe this last Sunday. 

Penny looking cool in her shades!

Sunday morning was a gourgeous day to be out enjoying some snowshoeing.  It snowed Saturday and there was a nice new layer of snow.  Diane, Penny, myself, and the "Super" dog; Ollie went on the Overlook Trial up Millcreek Canyon. Ollie is Diane's new puppy and he was having a ball running around in the fresh powder.
Penny and Diane with a wonderful view of the canyon!


  1. yay snowshoes! love your mountains, and the pink vest.

  2. Shelly, Thanks for your comment. These mountains are wonderful for those of us that enjoy being outdoors.