Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Losing the Cold Wars...

Since late Friday afternoon, I’ve been fighting a cold. I felt better Saturday morning and met Diane for a swim. Ouch! Can you say, “BIG Mistake!”? I only managed to swim ¾ of a mile and felt like I was going to drown twice; an accomplishment of sorts?  The rest of Saturday and Easter Sunday went by in a sleep infested haze. Monday morning arrived and I was still feeling crummy. I called in sick; my first sick day of this year. (Not that I was going for a record or employee of the year or anything like that. Not quite my style.)

This cold has been making the rounds in the office, and on its fifth round it sucker punched me bad! It was SO unfair. I officially blame it on this April weather we’ve been having. How can a body adapt? I was watching from my desk yesterday afternoon and within an hour’s time the weather had gone from cold cloudy gloom to rain to sleet to hail to snow to sleet and back to rain. Hello! Mother Nature could you please just choose one for the day?! Of course, she (Mother Nature) finally chose on cold and partly cloudy by the time I went home which was a good thing because I had the clothes to dress for that.

Fighting this cold has been an uphill battle much like the battle of the bulge.  Only this battle I'm a zombie walking with arms out and arrows are being thrown down at me.  I'm too un-alert to avoid them and when each arrow hits I get an extra ache or pain that wasn't there before.  But at least as I go uphill I'm getting a bit more and more alert; not the walking dead as much. 

My Arsenal of aids to help me get better.
So I’ve been taking extra vitamins, night time cold medicine, day time cold medicine, Thera- Flu medicine, drinking hot beverages ( herbal teas and of course, coffee), and consuming plenty of soup; variations of chicken noodle like soups. Added to all of this I’m drinking plenty of cranberry juice; about a cup of cranberry juice with almost every meal. My philosophy on cranberry juice is that it’s the cure-all for what ever may ell me. Most times when I get a cold the first thing on my grocery list is a big bottle of cranberry juice; everything else is an after thought. I guess I could be a commercial for the cranberry industry. I can just see if now me on TV saying,”… You want to win the Cold Wars? Drink plenty of cranberry juice!” Naw! Maybe not.


  1. Feel better soon! Colds are awful. It seems that all this technology humans have should really have this under control.

  2. Thanks Actonbell! Yeah, it always amazes me with all the technology that we still catch colds! I will admit that I probably shoud have taken ZiCam or one of those medicines that could have prevented the cold in the first place. But at the same rate, I'm wary of of quick fixes like that because what if my body needed to go through that later on?