Monday, April 11, 2011

The Popette's 78th Birthday at the Black Widow's Cafe...

The Popette opening a present before every one arrives.
This last Saturday, Mary "the Popette" turned 78!  We ended up having dinner together at the Black Widow's Cafe.  We all found it quite amusing that us, the Black Widow's, were going to an actual business that was called the Black Widow's Cafe.  I made reservations and then ordered a flour less dark chocolate torte ahead of time to serve as the birthday cake.  I knew that the Popette was very fond of chocolate.

Saturday arrived with rather gloomy weather; going back and forth between rain and snow.  The Popette and I arrived early at the cafe.  She had requested no presents or cards from anyone but before everyone got there I had her open a gift I got her.  It was a book that she had recently enjoyed at our last Sunday Barnes & Noble get together.  She was all ready teasing me that I was in trouble!  Oh no!

Almost everyone-- Laura, Mary the Popette, myself, and Not-So-Good; Em was taking the picture.

Enjoying her "Bubble" card with music.

We started to enjoy some coffee as everyone else started to file in.  One of the owners, Kevin, came over and wished the Popette a Happy Birthday.  He also pointed out the yummy chocolate torte that was made special for her displayed in the glass case.  It was decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries.

As the drinks order was taken, Mary read some of her birthday cards.  One had where you blew into bubbles on the inside and then it played music.  Another one had an inside poster that the Popette found a bit embarrassing!

An embarrassed Popette as Laura holds the poster that was inside the card.

Finally, we were ready to start ordering.  Our server stated the wonderful specials of the day and the soups that were available too.  Laura ordered first and told our server the rule was no one was allowed to change their order.  We all laughed as she said that it was a good thing she was ordering first! As we got half way through with ordering she was all ready trying to add something to her order.  No it wasn't a change to her order but an addition. We were all cracking up and making quite the noise.  The Popette told the server to just tell us to hold it down if he needed us to.

The big hit of the dinner was this delicious mulligatawny soup.
We got another round of beverages as we waited for our food to be made.  The food arrived and I tell you it was pure artistry!  The salads were served in cucumber wraps drizzled with dressing, and soups were served in fancy bowls.  Everyone was tasting everyone else's food at the table.  It was all wonderful and the absolute hit was the Muligunty soup.  Poor Not-So-Good had everyone tasting it and her cup of soup was almost consumed by everyone else.

Next was the wonderful torte which the server showed us all in whole and then had individual slices served to us.  We all sang Happy Birthday to the Popette after we all had our slices of the torte.  There was a delicious thick layer of chocolate gnache over the torte, and the chocolate dipped strawberry was juicy.  That and a cup of coffee-- I was in heaven!  What a wonderful way to end a birthday meal!  I would highly recommend anyone out there to visit the Black Widow's Cafe.

Not-So-Good and Em -- I had to get Em in a picture!

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