Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quick Weigh In...

The news this week is that I'm up 1 lb. and I can't help but think it was due to the beer & buffalo wings I had after last night's Bike & Brew ride.  But I felt I kind of deserved them after biking 20 miles!?!  But at the same time it's never a good thing to eat after 7:30PM at night.

A photo that I took last year while riding my bike up my favorite ride - Emigration Canyon.
It's been warmer of late and on the no-rainy days I've gotten some rides in.  In fact, I've logged in almost 72 miles for this week.  This last Tuesday, I managed my first Emigration Canyon ride and just barely made it to the top before it was time to turn around to beat the sunset.  I felt slow and sluggish while I was climbing the canyon.  I didn't even venture to look at my average speed when I arrived at the top of Little Mountain.  Maybe I'll look next week -- that's if I do a little better.  If the weather cooperates I'm hoping to get a 60 mile bike ride under my belt.  Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I am in awe, as I could never ride a bike that long, and uphill would not happen. One pound? could be dehydration on top of the wings. Yeah, wings are an evil temptation. We used to have them once a week; we were locals at an area bar that had them on sale every Monday, and I gained weight on them while training for a marathon. EVIL! The beer isn't to blame, of course not:)

  2. Thanks Actonbell! Glad to hear it wasn't the beer to blame because that would have been hard to part with a brew after a good ride. Guess, I'll need to part with the wings,though.Those EVIL wings!