Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have never been sure about what to think about this commercialized Holiday.  It's kind of nice in that it encourages people to say how they care and feel about others; which in most cases I think is a good thing.  Or I should say as long as it's something in a positive way of stating one's feelings, it CAN be a good thing. 

But this Holiday also has a way of putting a great deal of people on the "spot" to say something that they may not feel comfortable with.  It could force some one's hand or encourage someone to jump three squares ahead when they are not even ready to proceed.  I, often, wonder if Holidays like this have lead or should I say compounded to the high divorce rate.  I know it's kind of morbid thought on such a day as this.  But these are the thoughts that go through my head.  I might be called cynical for making such a statement, and I don't mean to be a cynic.  It's just one of those off the wall thoughts that hit me every now and then.

I've never felt comfortable with Valentine's Day myself.  I've never really been one for flowers or chocolates.  I'm allergic to gold so that counts out at least 50% or more of the jewelry ideas.  And lingerie, well... no!  So what does that leave for someone to get me?  Well, something for my bike or coffee related would always be a safe bet.  Or how about an expanse of fresh newly stretched canvas?  Yeah, as you can tell I'm a REAL romantic one! (** Note the HEAVY sarcasm there!).

I think the other problem with Holidays such as these.  They sometimes encourage the easy answers which I don't always think are the RIGHT answers.  It doesn't encourage creativity or thinking about the person who you are giving for.  Sometimes, the most romantic things that can be done on a Holiday such as this are the smallest of things that can make that person feel special.  Small things like doing a sink full of dirty dishes for your wife, or going for a quite walk locally just the two of you, or cooking his favorite hard to make dessert.  I think some of the best things don't involve any money either.  Hmmmm... but that could also be the cynic in me too.

But anyway, for what it's worth Happy Valentine's Day!

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