Friday, February 3, 2012

Self Imposed Deadline....

Okay, yesterday I imposed a deadline on myself to come up with a list of New Year's Resolutions.  Well, I thought about it over night and came up with a few....

1) Save More Money!  I know, I know that I used this one last year BUT it's always a good one to have.  At least, I think so!  Besides, it's awlays good to have some money off to the side for those "Rainy Days" that happen in life.  AND this would make it easier to do some of those items that are on my "Bucket List" too!  So I'm putting this on the lsit for another year.

2) Unclutter My Life!  I had this on the bottom of the list last year, and it rather turned out to be more of an after thought than a goal or something to work on.  But I'm putting it higher up on the list this year and am really going to focus on cleaning the closets out and nick-nacks.  Just a VERY thorough Spring Cleaning of what I have in my one bedroom apartment.  Besides, I really don't have much room as it is!

3)Learn Spanish!  It's another item that's on my "Bucket List" that I would like to try to focus on.  I kind of get tired of feeling like a minority in my own neighborhood.  All my neighbors seem to speak Spanish and here I am- "No Espanol!"  It's kind of embarrassing!

4) Get to my Goal Weight!  I'm within 12-13 lbs. of my goal weight and DAMN IT!  I want to get there THIS year.  Last year I lost about 22 lbs. and I don't think that it's unrealistic to lose the last 12 to 13 to get to my goal.  So that's on my list for this year.

5) Cut Down On Eating Out!  So the other night I run through the Wendy's Drive Thru and the manager asks how my art show went last month... Yeah, I think I've been visiting THAT Drive Thru a BIT TOO MUCH!  And bonus, by working on this goal I'll also be helping out on two of the other goals.

6) Do One Century!  I blew this last year because I waited until the end of the year and then had bike mechanical problems.  Some of you may remember my riding 30 miles with my rear bike brake rubbing REALLY hard.  Doing a canyon like that was interesting in its own way.  So I want to shoot for attempting the Century earlier in the cycling season.  That way it won't be a last minute failure.

There's the list for this year!  I'm keeping it short on purpose.

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