Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday, A New Cat, & Spanish

This last Sunday evening, I took the Popette out for her 79th birthday.  I took her to a local restaurant to celebrate.  We went to the Oasis Café which was a wonderful treat for both of us.  Of course, in typical Popette style the waitress got more than she bargained for.  It all started shortly after the entrée was placed before the Popette and she asked for a take out box for the “micro- salad” as she pointed at a mix of alfalfa sprouts and fresh greenery crowning her entrée.  The waitress stopped and had that “deer in the head lights” look.  I laughed and told her to keep on her toes with this one while pointing my finger at the Popette.  After that it was a sparring contest of comebacks between the two; the Popette and the waitress.
Photo- The Popette and her painting!

The Popette LOVED her portrait!!  Thank you Colleen for painting it!  Immediately we had it sit up on a chair so the Popette could “admire” herself while she immersed herself in the wonderful entrée minus the “micro salad”.  The food was glorious; such a mix and blends of different flavors that complemented each other that it got to the point where we were savoring every bite.  After the meal, we stretch our legs for a bit by wondering around the Golden Braid Book Store that’s right next door to the restaurant.  What a wonderful evening!

Photo- Mom's new cat; Porsche!
 Here’s Mom’s new cat, Porsche.  I got the photo in the mail with a cute Easter card.  She looks like a cute cat!  But I have to laugh, because every time Mom spells her name it’s spelled a little bit differently.  I told her I never knew there were so many different ways to spell Porsche.  She thinks she should have named her Pumpkin or something else that would have been easier.  Pumpkin, huh?

Last night was my second class of Beginning Spanish.  I feel like I’m learning a lot of words that I can read or write but I REALLY suck at the verbal!  Need to go to the library and maybe see if they have Spanish on discs, or DVD’s or something.  Oh, or possibly a good looking male Spanish tutor!  That could give me the extra incentive. J Anyone have any suggestions or leads, please contact me. I will admit that the other students probably didn’t like me much.  I was the only one that had done all the homework the teacher had given out and I had a list of questions to ask.  Meanwhile, the rest of the students looked lost as I asked the questions.  Yeah, that’s me not winning any brownie points with the other students but on my way to becoming the teacher’s pet.  It reminds me of Junior High only without the acne!

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