Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th & Checking In...

I’ve managed to make it alive and unscathed so far through this Friday the 13th, even though I forgot to wear black.  I haven’t noticed any black cats walking cross my path but it’s just barely after lunch and I still have a good part of the day in front of me.  Knock on wood!  Which does pressed wood office furniture counts as wood?  Maybe I should be knocking on the door frames?  I think they might be real wood.  But then again, I just might be S.O.L.!  I’m not superstitious as I’m sure you have surmised. In fact, I’ve always found the whole idea rather amusing.
"Blue Bike on the Grid"; Original Watercolor I did on 5" x 7" Paper. 
The weigh in didn’t go well this morning.  I’m now up another pound.  I now have 14 lbs. to lose before I reach my goal weight.  It hasn’t been a good week.  It’s been raining the last three days off and on just enough not to allow me out on the bike.  I’ll also admit that I’ve been having a tough time getting my behind early out of bed to catch a run in the mornings too.  On top of it all and probably the most contributing factor to my weight gain is because it’s that darn female bloated feeling ugly time of the month.  I usually am up at least 3 lbs. when that happens.  So, I’m hoping that might mean I’ll be 2 lbs. down by next Friday.  Well, one could rationalize that way at least; right?

The only Stats I have this week are on my bike.  I logged in 92 miles in from Saturday morning through to Tuesday night.  No time logged in running or on the elliptical machine or anything else this week.  Though, I will admit that logging in that many miles on the bike in 4 days is pretty good.  But I want to see about getting some time in running at the very least this weekend; probably on Saturday on the “dread-mill” because they are forecasting some more rain.  Seems like it’s been sunny the most while I’m sitting here at my desk at work; it’s like the weather Gods are teasing me! Or, maybe they are tempting me to play hookey from work? 

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