Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Shakes, Checking In, & Happy Easter…

This last Wednesday for lunch I ran through the Taco Bell drive thru (Yes, I admit that it was VERY BAD of me.)  But it was so nice that I took my scandalous fast food of tacos lunch to a local park to enjoy the beautiful day.  As I was on my way to the park I’m driving through a residential neighborhood where I observe this…

There are two older men standing in the driveway area and a younger man on the opposite side of the front yard mowing the grass.  One of the older men, in well worn blue jeans and a polo shirt that has seen better days, is signaling the younger man.  The young man stops pushing the lawn mower with the motor still running loudly.  The young man throws out his arms and makes an exaggerated safe base motion like an umpire.  Then he turns sideways and points to his behind while he overstated-ly wiggled his hips side to side twice.  I almost ran off the road.  It caught me off guard so much and I just found it too funny.  I’m not to sure of the correct whole translation of the sign and body language but I got the two shakes!

Now for the weekly checking in…
Well, as you might have guessed by the above story I wasn’t good for the week when it came to eating.  Between that and the weather rainy or too cold (did I mention that it was snowing this morning?) this week, I didn’t manage to get as much exercising as I should have ideally for the week.  Here are my stats for the week…

46 miles cycling
3.95 miles running
13 minutes on the elliptical
Oh, and did I mention that the scale finally made a decision this morning and I was not happy with it.  Not that I think the blasted thing cares on way or the other, BUT it decided that I’m 13 lbs. to my goal weight.  Argh!  So I’m hoping for more good weather this next week and a better focus on trying to eat better.  And I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter Weekend!

"Potted & Rocked Discoveries"; an original watercolor I did on 9" x 12" Paper.
You can see more of my watercolors on my art blog here.

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