Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Cat & A Month End Report...

Mom now has a new cat whose name is Porsche.  It’s a grey cat and I’m sure that mom will be mailing me a photo via snail mail any day now.  (Mom has yet to managed the feat of attaching a photo to an email.)  Prior to the announcement of the new cat when I would talk on the phone with her she was always mentioning about seeing a cat or kitten at a local pets store.  So last week when she called me mid-morning while I was at work  with an excited voice and said, “Guess what?!??!!”  I guess she got a new cat.  It took a little bit of the wind out of her sails, but she continued on excitedly and told me about the new family member.

It was a couple days later that she called me because Porsche was hissing and snarling at her.  She was afraid the cat would bite her in the middle of the night so she was sleeping catless with the bedroom door closed.  My first thought was that THIS was not going to work out.  

I know that there’s an adjustment period whenever there’s a new pet.  I know I had one with my dog Rocky.  I was ready to take him back the first week.  Well, almost the 3rd day after he had torn into a HUGE stuff animal and I had little bitty styroform balls all over the green shag carpeting.  We were finding those balls for months!  I told visitors that we were fertilizing the living room lawn when they discovered the small white balls.

The last time I talk with Mom, it seemed that her and Porsche have come to an arrangement and are getting along.  But I have a bit of fun when I call mom and ask if everyone is alive and well.

Now for the Month End Report… ( A little bit late but…)

1.)    Saving Money?
Well thanks to the help of selling some paintings, I’ve managed to save more by about 18% which has been nice.  The even nicer park of all this has been that a piece of my work will in the future be displayed in London, England.  Yes, a fellow blogger has purchased a piece of my art work, and I think that’s SO cool!
Here's the artwork...
"Cycle of Red, Yellow& Tyedyed"; A Poured Watercolor on 11" x 11" Paper.

2.)    Uncluttering My Life?
I’ve started forming a large pile to go off to the good will.  I went through a couple of kitchen cupboards and in fact, emptyied out two of them completely.  They were just full of STUFF.  I’ve also been starting to go through all of the warm weather clothes and seeing if I want to keep or put in the pile.  But I’m progressing on this goal a little more this year!  Yeah!

3.)    Reaching My Goal Weight?
I’ve rather hit a plateau these last couple of weeks but I’m trying to hang in there and focus.  I still have between those 12 to 13 lbs. to lose.  They seem to be like a parasite that’s hanging on for dear life.

4.)    Cutting down on eating out?
UGH!  I’ve been just plain HORRible about this one.  In fact, today for lunch I went through the Wendy’s drive thru and all of the gals working at the restaurant leaned out said hello and asked me how I was doing!  NOT a good sign!  But I will say I’m not on a first name basis yet!  Obviously, I need to work on this one!

5.)Do 1 Century Bike Ride this year?
I’m hoping to have the first one be the Willard Bay Super Series Bike Ride that my bike club puts on the 21st of this month.  If it’s not too windy, it will be a go!  I’m still waiting to hear about RAGBRAI.  The lottery will be announced on May 1st, and I’m thinking I’ll need to really step up for some riding if I get in that.  I mean 471 miles in a week; O-vay!  That’s a lot of riding.

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