Monday, January 18, 2010

Experiences in Eating Healthy...

There’s something to this eating healthy thing. I don’t know if it may be all just in my head—and Lord knows there are quite a few voices going on up there. But it seems as though I’ve had a little more energy this last week. I’ve given up the diet soda and anything else with artificial sweeteners in them. I’ve been trying to eat more natural and added fresh fruits to my diet. I’ve put myself on a diet of eating between 1400 to 1500 calories a day and trying to make those few calories as healthy as I can. I know that some of you will comment that this is too few calories but I’m really focusing on making sure these are healthy and well balanced meals that I’m eating. I’m also really hoping to reach my goal of losing 10 lbs in 10 weeks for my Perfect 10 goal too.

It’s been a week since I’ve given up the diet colas, and I’m rather surprised that I don’t have more cravings for it. I always thought that it was the carbonation that I craved when I was drinking it. But it seems as though I really haven’t had that much craving for carbonation. I bought four bottles of sparkling mineral water for my carbonation fix. I’ve only touched 1 out of the four bottles.

Now for the fruit report— I surprised myself. I ate ALL of the bananas and will probably have the last kiwi with my dinner tonight. I still have a fair amount of the dried fruit left. I’ve noticed that they really taste almost excessively sweet after eating real fruit. I think that’s probably a good sign. Now if I could just give up on some of the other sweets--- like the homemade mint chocolate chip pecan chocolate cookies that my Mom sent in a care package to me this week. GONE in ONE night! OUCH! BUT in my defense they were SO GOOD. YUM! There’s just something about homemade cookies made with love from your Mom that proves irresistible.

Now for a negative experience for eating healthy… I was trying to increase the size of my breakfast and make it as nutritious as possible. I was hoping to make it larger and trying to make my evening meals smaller to make a more positive step towards some weight loss. Well, I went for it this last Friday morning. It was a hearty bowl of oatmeal, two pieces of wholesome sunflower honey wheat toast, a banana, a cup of joe and some water. OMG!!! It was like feeling a rock land in my gut! AND then the rock moved through my system the REST of the day. OMG! Much of that day, all I wanted to do was drink water, and then it was like my whole of my intestines felt like it was on bloat over drive. I did NOT even want to think about the end result. I took a preemptive step and took a laxative prior to the end. Thank GOD!

As a result, I’ve opted to back off a little from making the large breakfast thing. I’m now trying to balance out my lunch and dinner, and just take it easy with the breakfast thing. But now I need to go to the store and see about some more healthy food. I’ve noticed with fresh food there’s a correlation of shopping more often. Freezer foods have a tendency to last quite a bit longer. So off to the store I must go…


  1. I'm finding reducing the diet soda consumption to be a real challenge. I'm down to 2 meals a day at most and have had a few one meal with diet soda. I think the longest I have gone is 25 hours though.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dearest Jeanne,
    As we are such good friends I am willing to sacrifice myself for you and offer myself up. If your mom sends you anymore delicious cookies, know that I will be there to take them from you and personally eat each one, being the martyr that I am. It is my gift to you as a friend.I am also willing to sacrifice myself if any chocolate comes your way. It's just the kind of person that I am Jeanne - always thinking of others.

    And so to sum up - any chocolate or cookies that may come your way again I will gladly lay down my life for and take them from you.

    Your very good and humble friend

    PS Good Job Gal!

  3. Diane- LOL! I never pictured you as the martyr-type but you have opened my eyes! I'll be sure to call you if any chocolates or cookies come my way.

    Rockstar- I had a really hard time the other night when I went out to dinner with a friend and ordered a diet coke with them-- then went back and had them bring me water. It was SO tempting!! It's amazing how we get so used to certain beverages.

    Thanks for you comments!