Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Test Run and Healthy Eats...

This morning I did my first run in the new running shoes. The first test run! It almost felt like Christmas morning as I double knotted the shoe laces and headed to the gym. I was curious to see how they would do, and kind of hoping that they would make me a better/faster runner. As if shoes could make me lighter than air and I could run the speed of light? Hello! I don't think so...

So on to the treadmill, I went. I warmed up with my usual fast paced walk for .2 mile and then picked up the speed. Gradually building up to 5.8 mph for a while. Was it my imagination but it seemed that my feet did feel a little lighter? It seemed like it but I'm never quite a wake at 5:30AM so my mind could have been having a running dream. My feet still felt good as I reached the 30 min. mark and I decided to run till I almost reached the 3.5 mile mark. Twelve minutes later and I walked off of the treadmill and my feet felt fairly good. Cool!

I went food shopping this last weekend. I have recently decided to cut out artificial sweeteners out of my diet and am going to try to eat more healthy. Part of the reason for this decision was a post by a fellow blogger who talked about how artifical sweeteners could affect our bodies with symptons that was similiar to MS. This got me to thinking about how I want to try to be more healthy and good to my body. I made the decision to cut out diet soda right off the bat. Then, I thought about how I need to add more fruits and veggies to my diet.
With that in mind, I found myself at the grocery store on Sunday afternoon shopping. I choose sparkling mineral water instead of the diet soda, and I actually picked up some fresh fruit. Wow! That’s amazing for me! As I was talking with a very good friend on Sunday evening I was telling her what was in my fridge. She was like… " wait a minute this is YOUR Fridge? That doesn’t sound like stuff that would be found in your fridge. You are really looking at my fridge aren't you? You ARE pulling my leg?" "Nope! It's really what's in my fridge, honest." I told her as I laughed. I called my mom later and she laughed at me too. Gee, was I really THAT bad?

I’m thinking to myself that I’m even amazed and very curious to see if I can stick with this healthy eating before the fresh fruit go bad. I will admit that I’ve purchased fresh fruit before and I never touched it and in the garbage bin it went. So with that in mind, I bought the greenest bananas that I could find. I also only purchased 4 kiwis hoping that I would use them up before they went bad. I, also, splurged on a larger container of organic salad mix that I should have no trouble finishing off. Then, I purchased low fat yogurts that had sugar instead of the artificial sweeteners. Then, I purchased 4 different packages of dried fruits—tropical mix, cranberries, bananas, and pineapple. Now for the progress report of 4 days later...

3 out of 5 bananas- GONE!

2 out of 4 kiwis- GONE!

WOW! So far so good!

But hey I'll keep you posted if any of this fruit ends up dying a gruesome brown smelly death...

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  1. You are so amazing I want to give you a virtual hug and say WELL DONE ON EATING THE FRUIT...and of course for cutting out the diet soda...even if it never effects you badly -just knowing it has the bad stuff in it is worth stopping for.

    I know the feeling of new do feel lighter and feel you can go longer so pleased you experienced those feelings as well.
    Now its time for me to hit the treadmill...xx