Thursday, January 14, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 2

Here's my weekly progress report for how I'm doing on my Perfect 10:

--Lose 10 lbs. in 10 weeks: I've lost 2 lbs. this week, and so that brings me to a total overall weight loss of 1 lb. It's progress and at least I'm moving in the right direction!

-- Build to 10 mi run in less than 2.5 hrs: This last Sunday I managed to do 5.3 miles in 68 min. I'm working on a combination of building up distance and working on a bit of speed on my shorter runs. My hope is that this theory will produce the final goal. I feel like I'm on track to reach this goal, and I even broke in a new pair of running shoes yesterday.

-- Balance exercises twice a week: I fell down on the job on this one this week. I only did the "Circle of Shoes" once this week. Something I need to work on.

-- Visit the gym 3 times a week: Reached! I went on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. I think I got my money's worth this week.

Now for the unknown fact about me to the blogging world out there--

I used to love them when I was growing up but I'm allergic to mushrooms. Most of my close friends know that I'm allergic to mushrooms because they've had to redo a dinner menu in the past for me. But I don't think that even they knew that I used to really like mushrooms. I remember as a kid, the family piling into a car and going to this dive of a restaurant along the Mississippi River where we would play pool and eat deep fried breaded mushrooms that had blue cheese in them. YUM! In fact, I didn't have trouble with these fungi's until I was in my freshman year in college.

It all started with a large mushroom and cheese pizza from a local pizzeria across from campus. That Friday night, it took four college buds an hour to carry me from the college dorm; down four flights of stairs (no elevator) and across the street to the on-campus medical center. My head felt like it was going to explode at any movement. It's like I get a HUGE migraine and terribly sick to my stomach when I've had something with mushrooms. At first I did not have any idea what had cause this severe reaction to happen, but over time I finally narrowed down the culprit. In hopes that I could keep some form of mushroom. I tried every variety of mushrooms. All with the same reaction. So now I read labels and ask at restaurants when they list vegetables. Since it seems as though for some reason mushrooms is considered one of them. I think this also has made me not much of a fan when it comes to veggies too.

I've been told that what I have is actually a food intolerance and not an allergy. But it's easier to tell people that I'm allergic than explain what a food intolerance is. I find it very interesting that as a person gets older that your body can change and something that you used to really enjoy can become the enemy.


  1. You think it is time to mix in some speed work to crush the 10 in 2.5? Well done on getting the scale going the right way.

  2. Great work for the week! And the fact - that is interesting, and too bad. The post to comment on at my blog is up now for this week if you want to go ahead and comment. It is at this link.

  3. Good job this week! and bummer about the mushrooms! They're so good for you!

  4. you didnt do too badly well done! you should invest in a bosu ball for balance exercises, wow my trainer kills me with them

  5. Awesome job Jeanne. You are crushing it!