Monday, January 11, 2010

New Running Shoes...

During my lunch today I went out and purchased a new pair of running shoes. I got to looking at my shoes after a 5.3 mile run yesterday morning, and thought these are getting a little raggedy around the edges. I might be due for a new pair, hmm. With training for a half marathon, I certainly will get the use out of a new pair.

So here I am like a kid in a candy store looking at new running shoes. Awwww… all these colors and possibilities. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! I had now established that I’m a runner and wasn’t concerned with buying a pair of shoes that I would use for just a bit, and then they would get buried at the bottom of the closet somewhere. No, this time I went in knowing that this was a purchase that I would get my money’s worth. Though, I wanted to keep it within some reason.

I walk in the Salt Lake Running Store and start drooling over the wall of shoes. The salesman comes over. He asked me what pair I currently had. I amazed myself that I actually knew this information. Of course, it was an older model running shoe that they didn’t carry. I told him that I was happy with them except for the fact of getting blisters in my inner sole arch for runs that were 6.5 to 7 miles long. He said there were several possibilities of shoes where their design would not rub me in that area. Cool!

He came back with 5 shoes in my size. So I tried them all on; one on each foot. I quickly narrowed down to two that were comfortable. Decision time was here. Darn! They were both the same price. Both had my favorite blue color. I looked at the situation with logic, and asked the salesman which one had more stability. And that’s how I made my decision. So here’s a picture of my New Balance WR760 Stability… (Now the really hard part is waiting till Wednesday morning before I can use them.)

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