Wednesday, January 20, 2010

People Watching at the Gym...

This morning while I was waiting to take my turn at a weight machine I got to looking out over the gym. It was interesting noticing all the different sizes and shapes; also the different attitudes while people were working out. Some of the people looked like they were doing a fierce battle with the machine. They had those determined mean looks on their face, and were just going at the machine like their life depended on it. Others were turning beet red and dripping as they struggled through their workout. I would place myself in this category.

Still others, mostly guys at the free weights, were straining and grunting galore. It rather reminded me of a morning where one guy was particularly grunting loudly when Diane and I were doing our circuit on the weight machines. Diane was struggling with a machine and I told her it would help her if she grunted like the guy over there. I kept on telling her to grunt and she ended up laughing so hard she couldn’t lift anything.

As my eyes continued to wonder more through of the gym area, I spied a short rather round blond man with his head lolling around that would have put Stevie Wonder to shame. His eyes were closed, head phones in his ears, and his face was between a smile and a grimace. I choose to think that it was a smile. He looked as though he was wondering around while on the elliptical in his own little world. It looked much like a happy place I would like to visit, and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched him. It’s all in the attitude of how you work out, and he looked as though he was having a ball of a time!

Meanwhile earlier this morning, I was on the elliptical machine next to the beautiful petite blond who had the machine at level 10 and was not even breaking a sweat. Here I was turning turnip red and sweat rolling down me on level 3. She’s looking around the whole time checking out guys and not even paying any attention to what she was doing on the machine. I saw quite a few guys checking her out as they went by, and I couldn’t help but wonder where my mother was when they were handing out these genes. I definitely missed out!

I felt like placing signs above us… BEFORE (above me) and AFTER (above her). Then put a HUGE disclaimer below that these results may vary and that they would require a great deal of starvation, an ungodly amount of hours working out, and quite a bit of plastic surgery (Shoot. Possibly even a complete overhaul!). AND yes, you too can be just like her! Not me, not in this life time! I would much rather join the Stevie Wonder guy in his happy place!


  1. An Email from my Mom-

    Sorry about the "gene's". They were the ones I was handed...but I must say your "attitude" is a 10 !!!!! Keep up the good work !! luv ya, mom

  2. your mom's email!!! She is so right, I agree with her.

    I worked in the gym for 20 odd years and saw this plenty times...some people train for years and years and you see no changes to their bodies...I could never understand it myself.

    I call those girls the * it * girls, but wait they too will get old and no one will look at them, so let her enjoy it as we know it doesnt last forever...

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