Thursday, January 7, 2010

Perfect 10 Update- Week 1

I will be doing these weekly updates on Thursdays. (Most of the Perfect 10 group is opting for Fridays.) I have some out of town runs and what not where I'll be traveling on Fridays and be away from computer access. So here I am trying to be proactive and planning on Fridays. Not a surprise to some of you that know me, and no that's not the previously unknown fact about me. I will share that at the end after I have stated my progress on my goals.

Let me also preface before I go into my progress that I was a complete and udder bum New Year's day and over the first weekend of the New Year. So there's three days that I completely blew it and should have been earnestly working on these Perfect 10 goals. BAD Girl! Where's that Catholic Nun with the ruler when you need her?

Here's my progress...

--Lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks: It has been an interesting week as far as my weight is concerned. Oh, let me speak plainly here... it's been that woman's time of the month and I've put on 4 lbs. and I've also lost 3 lbs. So overall, I'm up 1 lb. Darn it! But this is all a starting point and week one with only 4 days of really working on these goals. Plenty of room for improvement.

--Build to 10 mi of running in less than 2.5 hrs: I've managed 3.1 miles in 37 min. I think this is a really good start.

--Balance exercises twice a week: Did it! I've been doing a homemade exercise at home with a circle of shoes. (Strange, huh?) I formed a circle of shoes (6 pairs) around me on the floor like a clock face. I stand in the center and reach out with one foot and touch the top of each shoe and then bring that foot back to center without touching down; then out to the next top of the shoe. The first time I almost fell over each time. The second time I got a little better and I have noticed that when the shoes are out to side or behind me that my balance is at it worst.

--Visit Gym 3 times a week: Done! I visited on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Okay now for the unknown fact about me...
I'm worry each day about what I wear and have concerns that one day I will be like that old man that combines the striped shirt with the high-waisted plaid pants. I know it sounds funny but I like to try to push the "fashion envelope" ( shall I say) and I combine some items that sometimes most people would not put together. That's the hardest part about living alone because I don't have someone to preview what I'm wearing and tell me I'm out of my mind for even putting that outfit together. It also doesn't help that I LOVE color, and I have tendency to be a thrift store and garage sale junky.
Case in point...
The paisley shirt I'm wearing today with earrings from Cambria's Collection(link on my blog) and a scarf pin (garage sale find) on a sliver chain...
(I apologise for the bad photos too. I took them myself.)

Oh, and P.S. I'm wearing a pair of brown jeans and brown ESPRIT boots.
SO... What do you think?


  1. I think you are lookin' HOT Jeanne! Good work this week!!

  2. Look at MY gal...hehe, u see I see u as one of my chickens already!!!!
    Looking so so good and you will get those goals as you are one determinate woman!!!

  3. I think you are looking good too!

    Great update this week. BTW, I will be making a post on Fridays for everyone to comment on that is doing an update. It is totally fine to do your updates on Thursday, but sometime after Friday, even the next week, be sure and leave a comment on that post. It will help others easily follow you and provide some easy to follow "proof" for me to track with.

  4. Thanks all for your "looking good" comments!

    I'm trying to say on pace and did well except for the roller coaster weight thing.