Thursday, August 23, 2012

DAY 2- Yakima to Whigby Island...

I watched a beautiful sunrise over the Washington State’s Wine Country; that Yakima is very much in the center of.  I had my favorite Fairfield Inn Waffle while seeing various guys in military attire walking in and out of the hotel.  I guess there must have been some kind of base or something in the area.  Shortly, after starting my drive north I found myself driving along windy roads crossing gorges.  Then, all of a sudden it just opened up.  I stopped at this view point.  It was AMAZING!  There was a patchwork of farms, vineyards crawling up the hillsides, windmills, and snow crested mountains off in the distance.  A bank of clouds looked as though it was sneaking a peak over the mountain.  I took a picture but it just didn’t seem to do it justice. 
Photo- The Amazing Valley View-- though picture doesn't do it justice.

As I am driving into the valley that I just over looked, I couldn’t help but wonder at the amazing variety that we have in our country.  A great deal of people are kind of pooh-poohing that I’m visiting around the US and think I should be doing somewhere in Europe which would be “much more interesting”.  But I can’t help but say that there’s a great deal that we take for granted in this country and I want to not take it for granted and check it out.  I mean where else can I be in a desert one day and within two days drive thru vineyards, forests, and on to a scenic Island.

Yes, later on in the day I drove through a National Forrest Area where there were ski slopes and a bit of Interstate construction too.  They had BLASTING Zones!  They were working on widening the Interstate and blasting through cliffs off to the side of the road.  Rocks were in piles here and there being loaded and hauled off.  It was a bit of slow driving but very interesting to watch.

I hit heavy traffic through the Seattle area as I traveled north.  I was kind of surprised because it was a little after 10AM and I would’ve thought that I would have missed the morning rush hour.  I took the 405 north to avoid some of the Seattle area and eventually managed to work my way to I-5 to go further north.
I rode this HUGE vaulted bridge over to Whigby Island.  It was SO scenic and green with blue skies that contained fluffy white clouds.  WOW!  But I never imagined the Island to be that BIG.  I managed to get lost trying to find the Bed & Breakfast that I had reserved.  I called my friend and got directions.  I got to the gate of the B&B and it needed a code.  I called the B&B and they were surprised to hear from me so early; a whole day early in fact!  Oooppsss!  I thought it was the 23rd but it was actually the 22nd.  Embarrassing!  They said that they could get a room ready if I could come back in about 2 hours’ time.  That’s what I did; Meanwhile, I did a bit of exploring.
Photos- I took during a bit of exploring.

Later on, I went to dinner at my friends.  It was pitch lack dark on the way back from their place to the B&B.  The whole drive is maybe about 3 miles but there were no street lights and there were only a few houses her and there that had yard lights.  It was rather unnerving for a city girl to be driving in.  Plus, I was going slowly because there is a ton of deer on the Island.

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