Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAY 7- Sightseeing & Mani-Pedi!

I did my final early morning walk with Otis.  I’m moving onto staying at my friend Jean’s house to stay and visit with her.  The last of the relatives that came for the wedding had headed out back to their home.  While “poor homeless” me (don’t be alarmed- by my own choice) will be moving in for a bit with a friend and use it as a base to do some more sightseeing in the area.
Photo- The sign on the door at the Wildwood B&B.
And more sightseeing I did do, after I final had my last wonderful breakfast of waffles (My Fav!) with homemade strawberry syrup.  Yummy!  I tell you the Wildwood Farm B&B will be a hard place for any other B&B’s to beat.  I might just have to come back in two years after I have finished my trek. 
Photos- Libbey Beach Coast line.

After getting my car packed and a last check of email, I was out on the road to explore more of Whigby Island.  I ended up wandering around to West Beach Road where there were wonderful views as well as quite the large upscale homes; some almost mansions.  I always find it fun to see how the other half lives.  Next I wandered along to a looped drive that led to Libbey Beach.  I got out and walked around its rocky shore.  Off in the distance I could see large freightliner ships.  It was another wonderful day of weather here on the Island—sunny with an expected high in the low 70’s.
Photos- The cute Coupeville Old Town

Next, I wandered over to Coupeville and actually managed to find a parking space within a reasonable distance from the Old Town area.  I had drove through before but it was always packed and no available parking.  But this time, I figured it was a week day and late morning so I thought I would have more of a chance of getting a spot.

Hey- I did manage to find one; a parking spot within two blocks.  Off I went to walk and explore through the Old Town Coupeville area. The Old Town is a picturesque place.  I guess that this Old Town area has been used in several different movies; such as Practical Magic, the 1998 movie that starred Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  I had lunch out front of a deli called Bay Leaf; an enjoyable lunch of a fresh deli sandwich with a ginger beer.  Next, I went for an ice cream at the Ice Cream Shoppe.  They had a single ice cream for $2.75 which was three scoops served tall.  I enjoyed it near the dock and watched people and boats.
Photo- A sculpture along Old Main in Oak Harbor.

Then, I wandered over to Oak Harbor’s Old Main Street area.  Oak Harbor is the largest town on Whigby Island.  It has the largest commercial shopping areas that include chain stores and restaurants such as Kmart, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Burger King, Walgreens and several others. But with saying that it almost seems like the Old Main Street seems to be a bit of an afterthought.  There are only a few blocks along this street and some of the buildings are empty.  I did check out a very nice local artists gallery and a very good scrap booking with home décor store that were fun to go through.  I was a bit disappointed that The Noble Horse was closed.  It’s the store that’s tied in with the Wildwood B&B.

I still had a bit of time before I could meet Jean at her house, so I decided to do something about my rough and cracked heels.  I swung by the Nail Masters on Bayview Street in Oak Harbor and treated myself to a pedicure.  I had quite the experience.  I choose my nail color and then was directed to a chair to sit in; a chair that is a massaging chair.  So while I got my feet done, I also got my backside massaged.  It was a bit of pampering fun.  I also had the gal that did my pedicure, do a bit of nail art on my Big toes.  I was talking to a gal that arrived while I was soaking and pointed out her art on her Big toes.  She had these cute little flowers.  “I want those too!” I told the Filipino gal.  While she was doing that and I was looking at the clock, I thought I might as well have a manicure too.  So I also had her do that.  Yep, it was an afternoon of pampering!
Photo- My Pretty Big Toes after the pedicure!

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