Saturday, August 25, 2012

DAY 4- Exploring Whigby Island...

Photo- My faithful morning walk companion Otis.  A resident at Wildwood Farm B&B.
I woke about 6am again and had a nice little walk with my morning walk companion, Otis.  He took led me along a different area of the horse pastures.  I came back to the B&B and had another wonderful breakfast of sweet bread, fresh bananas with strawberries, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and an everything veggie omelet.  Again, I couldn’t finish all of what I was served but I found out that my friend Otis gets to enjoy the leftovers, so I didn’t feel as bad.

I decided to do a bit of exploring in my car.  I drove over to the south end of the Island to where the ferry leaves for Seattle.  I did a typical Utahan illegal U turn; anyone from Utah will know what I mean.  I really think U turns are the only way to get around in Utah.  I found a little bike shop in Bayview town on the way south and stopped to get a new mirror for my glasses.  I had misplaced the one I had.
Photos- of Langley town's Main Street area.

Next I took the turn for Langley town.  I parked just off of the Main Street area near a beach area.  It’s a cute little scenic community and I went through some shops.  I also went down to the public access beach area and walked around for a bit.  Langley had a great deal going on and was in the process of clearing the parking stalls along the Main Street for an event.  I could see parking becoming an issue later on in the day.  I found this cute little Swiss Bakery tucked back in from the Main street area.  Everything looked SO good but I finally decided on a strawberry square and a black coffee.  The strawberry square had cut strawberries on top, a thin layer of chocolate, a layer of cake with an almond cream layer in the middle of the cake and a crushed almond baked crust.  I took it over by the beach found a bench and enjoyed it and the view.  Yummy!
Photo- Langley's public beach area.

Then I drove more north and took a left on Fish Road.  Well, Fish Road led to Mutiny Bay.  Go figure! Mutiny Bay was very pretty but I was surprised to see tsunami warnings in the area.  It was lower and it was on the Ocean side of the Island.  I was also surprised to see a great deal of building going on.

Next, I turned off at Greenbank Farm.  There, I visited a few art galleries and a cheese store.  AND of course, the wine store.  It was late enough in the day that I did a bit of wine tasting.  I have to laugh because when I told the gal behind the counter I was from Utah.  She took each wine that she had poured out and poured a little more into each glass.  “Here you go sweetie.  You poor thing, you need a bit more then.”  I had to laugh.

I drove further north and turned off at Ebey Landing Overlook.  It’s a ridge that you can see for miles. At the overlook you can see farms, houses, fields of trees, and off to the right the sea.  Just an amazing view! I had a bit of a laugh because on the way out I see a house where there’s a combine tractor pulled up in a stall right next to the house.  I could see it by a barn or out in the yard but right next to a house.  It just struck me as quirky.  On that same ridge is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area.  The first gravestone is from 1863 and the cemetery has a great deal of history to it.  The cemetery is called Sunnyside.  It seems like a cheerful name for such a morbid place.  I found it interesting how there was cement curbing or white picket fences around the family plots.

The other highlight of the day was dinner.  I stopped to have dinner at the BBQ Joint.  It’s a couple from the south that moved to Whigby Island and there was no REAL BBQ in the area.  Well, they brought it here. They brought the REAL Southern BBQ to the area.  The brisket I especially enjoyed.  The atmosphere is very laid back and help yourself.  The counter where you order is at the back and then you take your food to a table up near the front.  You have your choice of tables or booths.  A TV plays the blues and jazz for music and it just feels comfortable and easy.  A perfect way to finish a day of sightseeing. 

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