Friday, December 4, 2009

BOOT CAMP--Day 12- Graduation!!!

WOW! I made it all the way through a 4 week- three days a week Boot Camp session. I will admit that there were some moments where I was really wondering about my sense of insanity. I'll admit I probably was not sane to begin with especially considering how I felt after the first class and then I agreed to stick with it?? Yikes! I should consider having a therapist on-call!?!

Here arrives day 12! Graduation day! It's almost a version of being a Senior and lasting through the 12 years; only this was just 12 days. (Thank God!) As we arrived for our final Friday circuits session, Diane asked if we got an award for surviving the month. The teacher did not give out any awards. But I will here.... Diane, and Sofia--- how about chocolate versions of graduation hats on a stick. (See Photo) I think over the 12 days we have burned enough calories to earn these! Enjoy girlfriends!! We did it!!

Circuits today were very similar as the last two weeks but with a few changes in the stations. We started with the usual warm ups of the high knee run in place, then the knees out to side run in place, then the butt kick run in place. I'm still having trouble getting my knees up very far, and my but kicks are still kind of lousy. But I've made a little improvement over the 12 days.

Then, of course, she had us all run in place while she went through the stations. I'm actually adjusting and remembering what she does at each station; that by the time I get around to that station I know what to do. Maybe I'm getting use to being semi-alert at 5:30AM or I'm becoming "Old-Hat" at knowing what to do. Nawh! Couldn't be true!

So I start at the station with the figure eight exercise band wrapped around my tennis shoes and do my back hamstring curls to the beat of the music. Of course, I'm also alert enough to be singing along with the music. The teacher just laughs, and I think she's surprised that I know so many words to the songs.

" 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1... Switch!" Announces the teacher as we all make a move to our left. Now it's bicep curls with an exercise band. Then the next station is suppose to be jumping jacks around the ladder. My left knee was not happy with jumping this morning. So I ended up doing another fancy foot work dance around the rope ladder that was lying on the floor.

Next was the NASTY station! Or I wanted to call it such. You put your feet up on a lower balance beam that's about 2 feet off the floor, bend your knees flat on your back, hands off to side, and you lift AND squeeze your glutes up. WHOOAA!! I could really feel the burn on this one. When it was time to go to the next station I had to roll gently to my side, and almost crawl a bit to the next station.

Then, back to the triceps lift and then, the sit ups station. Jump rope was the next station. I jumped for a bit but my knee still wasn't cooperating so I did a little run in place instead. Next, it was on to the squats with weights. Well, you were supposed to hold two 15 lbs. weights off to your sides as you squatted down and barely touched the blue mat behind you. I just used one of the 15 lbs. weight up front as I did this station. Yeah, I'm still relatively a whimp. I'll admit it!

Then the break station--- the trampoline! Bounce, bounce, bounce! Yahoo! Then, for the last station it was a vertical row with an exercise band. Feel those upper arms... burn, baby, burn! "30 second break! Get some water before the next round", calls out the teacher. I walk over to my water bottle. Then, we go back to the station we start for another round of fun! We did three rounds all together.

For the last bit we all came back to the mat and did a little stretching. Class was then over. It seemed anti-climatic! So Audrey (the teacher) I have a theory for why you take the month of December off..... See below.....

Yeah! Admit it's your December side gig! LOL!


  1. Congrats Jeanne! We did it! It was fun and hard and good job hanging in there. Thank you for being so willing to get up early in the morning, bringing your energy and amazing smile. I look forward to our next training adventure :)

  2. It's true Jeanne - but let's keep it our little secret ;)