Monday, December 21, 2009

The Think Skinny Mantra...

My goal over this holiday season has been to maintain and not gain any weight. Well, I’ve gained two lbs overall but considering what it could have been I don’t think I’m doing too badly. Two lbs., huh? You might think that’s pittance and I’m trying to keep it right there and hold! No more, no more~! I say to myself.

It’s all easier said than done during this time of year, and it almost seems as though the deck the halls strategy is stacked against me! This morning I received my 3rd box of homemade chocolate truffles. Last year, I did not receive any thing close to this and wasn’t focused on trying to lose/ maintain anything; other than my sanity. This year, here I am trying to focus on losing some weight, or at least maintaining, and I’ve got chocolate truffles squeezing out of the woodwork! What’s up with that?!? Is this Murphy’s Law working against me?

On top of it, I have all these social events for the Holidays. It seems that everywhere I go there’s food; or maybe it could be that I’m just noticing it more this year? Food is every where and it’s tempting me. Every morsel, tidbit, and scrape out there playing the song of the sirens; luring me into a land of high calories and fat.

I’ve started saying a mantra over and over to myself. I call it my “Skinny” Mantra. As I’m sitting at a social event where there’s food tempting me, I repeat over and over to myself---“What would a skinny person do?” It’s helped me to hold (so far) to the 2 lbs.

“What would a skinny person do?” I say it as those cute decorated Christmas cookie bars sitting in the middle of table are calling my name. But I don’t reach for them! Nope! Instead, I reach for some more coffee to fill my coffee cup, or I refill my water glass. I don’t want those cookies, desserts, crackers, chips-n-dip to win. This is a war on fat and high calories! Meanwhile, I’m suffering a bit from being water and caffeine logged. Gee, maybe that’s what’s accounting for the 2 lbs.? A little water weight? Yeah, dream on girl! It’s really those darn homemade chocolate truffles that you couldn’t resist this morning with your cup of joe! Yikes! I blew it before 9am this morning!

“What would a skinny person do? … What would a skinny person do?” Hmmm… Go to the gym I guess?!!??!! I think this could be a vicious cycle…

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