Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis the Season--- Snow and Stress...

I woke up this morning to a glowing white outside. It was snowing! Yes! I was SO excited! Snow! Finally some white stuff to help put me in the mood for Christmas. Sorry, I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist... dreaming of my white Christmas. But it just helps me to have some of this white stuff. Not even the commute into work could dash my spirit of enjoyment! SNOW! By the way, I LOVE driving in SNOW! (It's another disease that has no cure!)

You would think that I was a skier or snowboarder living in Utah for all of this excitement over snow. Well, you would be 50% right. I've never tried downhill skiing in Utah, but last year I did try cross country skiing a few times. I didn't do too bad with the cross country skiing. Though, I did have some issues with the going downhill part with the cross country skiing. It makes me think I could be very dangerous with actual downhill skiing. But maybe some day I might give it a try.

But my excitement over snow? It's funny; for I can't really explain it. It's a combination of the season, and a few things that I like to do in the snow-- like snowshoeing, sledding, and snow ball fights. I also enjoy the look and color of the landscape with the white stuff. I guess it could be the artistic side of me.

Here I am excited over snow and at the same time experiencing the maximum stress of the season. I'm trying to put together my Christmas collection booklets ( my art and poetry-- 50 copies), trying to plan for a Christmas Open house to display some of my artwork (this Friday- hopefully I'll sale some art too), trying to get some of the annual Christmas cards out to relatives, and then trying to get some singing practice in for a duet of Holy Night that I'll be singing at the Christmas Midnight Mass. Then, trying to get some exercising in so I can keep in shape. Oh, and I then need to also get Christmas presents for those on my list. I can't help but think... Why am I doing all this to myself!??

I guess it could be worst. Last year, I was the choir organizer. I'm glad I stepped down. But I should have more free time because I'm no longer doing that position. So what happened to that free time? The nearest I can figure is that it went up the chimney in smoke.

So, I find myself going to workouts at 5:30AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-- this week at Curves. Diane and I have a plan of taking advantage of some free week offers at different gyms to see where we would like to go. (Sounds like a plan Stan!) On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm still getting up at the same time and working on my lists of things to do. Then, I'm planning errands on my way home from work to get things to do my lists. These are not just your average errand runs either. Last night, I ran by paper store, then a craft store, then a second hand store, then grab dinner through a fast food... and wham! bam! Thank you mamm! I'm finally home for the night to work on the lists some more. Oy Vey! I've even been working on part of the lists when I should be having lunch at work.

I organize myself with lists. My current main list is almost two feet tall. I kid you not! Then, I have side lists that are specific for some of the things that are on the main list. I know! It's kind of a strange way to organize. But I then check or cross things off the list as I manage to get things done off of the list. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and keeps me focused on what I need to do. It also helps me to manage my stress level, because the lists break everything down to manageable levels. Because Lord knows, I would be a basket case without my lists! So thus, I put my blinders on and focus on the lists, and I can get everything done. Well, that's the theory anyway!

So if you'll excuse me now, I've got more lists to work on....


  1. I know that I'm on the top of your "got to get a really cool gift" list but you can put me on the "I'll make up for no gift this year next year" list instead. At least that's better than the "I need to smush your face in the snow" list or the lump of coal in the stocking list that I'm normally on.

    Anything can happen on a snow day.

  2. Hey girl, I had no idea you were such a list freak! Now I know what to get you for Christmas...

  3. You have so much energy! I think, as I sit here on my bum and yawn. We just got our first slight snow too, and the first thing I think is, boy I hope we don't have to shovel that. I need a new 'tude. Happy lucky Christmas!