Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a BAD Attitude MONDAY!!

Ever have one of those days when, you REALLY woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, that's how today is going, and I almost ready to plead for a "DO-Over" but not to the extent like the movie "Groundhog Day" when he re-lives the same day almost 30 times over. Though, I will admit there's somethings in that movie I wouldn't mind giving a whirl...

So, I wake up at 4:45AM and hit the snooze a few times. My body just didn't want to get up. It's the first day of giving 24 Hour Fitness a chance at being the gym of choice. Last week it was Curves, and this week it's 24 Hour Fitness. Diane, Sofia, and I are on our second gym in this month's rounds.

I FINALLY decide what to wear to the gym. It's funny, because I worry about what I wear when I know there's going to guys at the gym. It's silly! I know, but I don't care how I look when it's just women. I also didn't know what to expect as far as the locker room because I didn't see it when we took the tour on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to make it so, I didn't have to use a locker room just in case. If that makes sense?

I pull into the parking lot of the gym, and it's a skating rink. I almost did the splits without even trying to when I got out of my car. I managed slowly across the parking lot, then across the street and up a short flight of stairs to the door. Inside, I show my temp pass at the desk. I pause. Now what? Do I go to where they have the class? Do I go check out the locker room? Or should I see if I can find Diane and Sofia some where on the floor? It's not even 6AM and I'm trying to make decisions? Yikes! A REAL silly thing to be stressing over, I know, but it's one of those days when it doesn't take much to throw me for a loop.

I looked out on the floor while I send off a text message. Trying to look cool but I probably looked like a dweeb! Nope, no sign of the gals, so off to the locker room. Here's where I discover that I needed to bring quarters for the lockers to lock. Good thing I dressed for not needing the locker room. But QUARTERS?!??! This bugs me!! This is more like a bus station or airport thing than a gym locker room. But then again, it's been awhile since I've really been in a fitness facility locker room. I guess times of bringing your own lock or just taking the risk of throwing your stuff in a locker and hoping that it'll still be there when you're done is not the way they do things anymore? Hmmmm...and in my present mood, I'm rather pissed that people pay memberships and then have to pay to lock up their stuff in the locker room.

I head to the class, and there's the gals basically set up for the class. I was surprised it was fairly crowded. So I stake out my spot on the floor with a step bench, a pair of smaller weights(4 lbs.), and a bar where I put my own weights on. I put disks on each end that equaled 3-1/2 lbs. for a total of 7 lbs., and whatever the bar may weigh. Class starts and I quickly discovered that it requires some stepping coordination/motor skills that I lack. But overall, it wasn't too bad except that 15 min. into it I discovered my left knee is not happy with one of the lunging with dumbbell moves. The teacher saw that I'm struggling and comes over to give me another option of the exercise. Which was very helpful and I thought very thoughtful on his part.

Later on, as we were doing bench presses with the bar weights while lying on the step bench, he corrected my hand position on the bar weight. I needed to spread my hands out farther to work a different group of muscles. This was good, to least this way I knew what I should be doing. Then, later on we are on our step benches again doing triceps curls with the bar weight. I'm sweating it out, and here comes the teacher again to correct me, yet again. Elbows in, straight arms all the way up, and go as far as I can. He's straddled over me while he lightly directs me where I should be. He's also dripping sweat on me. Not that I really mind a good looking muscular guy sweating over me. It's just I would prefer it to be in another position doing something else than this... and I know this is BAD of me.

Class finishes, and both, Diane & Sofia, are like they really liked the class, and looking forward to seeing what the class is like on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, in my present mood all I could complain about was my left knee was bothering me. Ugh! It was like I was whining!

I rush home, to get ready for work. The class starts at 6AM, and doesn't allow me as much time to get ready for work. So, rush, rush, rush, and I get to work. A co-worker that usually gets there early, has called in sick. It's a Monday and I wonder about whether the other co-worker is going to call in sick too. It's just how things go here. I also realize I forgot my breakfast and lunch too. Not that I really want to eat a great deal today because I've got the company Christmas party tonight. Which is kind of another thing that I'm not really thrilled about. I see these people at work. Do I really want to see them while I'm having dinner at a nice restaurant too? So this Monday just gets better and better!

I skip breakfast and just have coffee. I steal a few pistashios from the president's office jar, and that's lunch. Then, I wonder why this afternoon I have a ever-so-slight headache? Gee woman! It would help if you ate properly and if the phones would stop ringing! But so, that's my MONDAY, and how is yours going? Better I hope!
P.S. I'm sorry to be such a whiner, and complainer.


  1. Hey girl!,
    We must have burned at least 500 calories in that class today!! How can you possibly get on with just a cup of coffee and some nuts? Hope you get a big, delicious dinner tonight and have fun, if you can. Remember, whiskey in a hip flask always does the trick.

  2. So are you going to become a member of this gym???
    I worked for a gym called Planet Fitness, it was the only 24 hour fitness gym in Cape Town...not many members made use of the facilities late at night so was a wasted...but hey it helps to sell memberships.

    I used to teach those 6am classes myself....I dont think as a member I would get this body of mine to the gym unless it was for a good looking instructor to perve at.

    Missing u on group!!xx